Arkansas Impact Pentecostal Church of God (PCG) Student Ministries

Youth Ministry is a vital part of the church.  This is the reason we are so passionate in assisting young men and women to reach full potential in their callings and talents, while maintaining their relationship with Jesus Christ.  We recognize that attack that is against young people, but thank God for victory through His son Jesus Christ, and what He did at Calvary!  We offer ministry opportunities throughout the year and feel they will be helpful in developing strong and courageous young men and women of God.

Ministry Opportunities

Youth ministry opportunities that we proudly offer are: Youth Rallies, Youth Camps, District Youth Choir, District/National Talent Expo and IBQ (Bible Quizzing), Missions, AIM (Accelerated Institute of Ministry), District Youth ReCharge services, Sectional Leadership and Section Youth positions.

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