To receive Minister's Credentials with the Arkansas District Pentecostal Church of God, the following step process must be completed.

Step One:

You must complete Minister Study Series I. Accelerated Institute of Ministry (AIM) offers these courses. (Or have transcripts to verify an equivalent) before receiving Credentials with Pentecostal Church of God. Please see AIM section of this site for complete list of courses.

Step Two:

After filling out the above forms contact the Sectional Presbyter for your area. You can get his contact info by going to the Section Registry of this site or call the District Office-501.358.7456.  He will make sure you have the proper forms you will need to complete an Application and supply the appropriate supplemental forms needed by our District. This application differs depending on your circumstances. New applicants must complete the Application for Minister's Credentials. Previous applicants must complete the Application for Reinstatement. Current Applicants desiring promotion must complete the Application for Promotion.  Again, additional forms are required by Arkansas District Pentecostal Church of God that are not included in the download section and must be obtained from your Sectional Presbyter.

Applications must be reviewed and signed by your local pastor and sectional presbyter. The presbyter will then send your material to the ARKANSAS district.

Processing Fees:
  • Credential Fee - $90.00 which covers the first three months of credential fees. (Required by General Office)
  • Background Check Fee - $10.00
These processing fees are required to begin the credentialing process and must be sent in the form of a check or money order with the application and supplemental forms. All checks must be made out to the Arkansas District Pentecostal Church of God. Other fees required throughout the process are subject to change. If for some reason your application is denied the $90 will be refunded.

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